How You Can Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

Thank you for your continued support during COVID-19

June 25, 2020 – Molly and her two daughters were living with her mom, but over time, the arrangement wasn’t working. Despite the pandemic, Molly decided it was time to leave. She came to Stephen Center at the beginning of June, just as we received the results of a second round of COVID-19 testing – all negative!!  

When Molly and the girls arrived, each of them was screened for COVID-19, with a temperature check and questions about how they were feeling. After that, they were some of the first people to experience a new 72-hour quarantine period for new intakes.

“Keeping our new clients separate from clients who have been on campus for the first 72 hours is one of things UNMC recommended to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” Shelter Director Beth Robbins said. “We’ve installed partitions in the men’s and women’s dorms for new intakes, and have separate shower schedules, meal times and outdoor breaks for the quarantined clients. It’s been challenging, but the staff is doing a great job as we all adapt.”

For the first three days on the campus, Molly and her girls stayed in their assigned family room, aside from meal times when they ate with other clients in quarantine. “People checked on us when we were in our room. Beth or Maggie or someone else would stop by to see what we needed,” Molly said.

Molly’s 8-year-old daughter, Alisha, gave the 72-hour quarantine period a thumbs up. Molly laughed, because her perspective was a little different. “It was hard for me,” Molly said. “The kids had cartoons and games on the computer, but I got a little bored. We slept a lot. It was good to get rested.”

Now that their quarantine time is over, Molly and the girls are enjoying their freedom, but are wearing masks. Even two-year-old Adrianna wears one. “It’s a Cat In The Hat mask,” her mom says. “She likes wearing it because of that.” Sister Alisha wears one made out of Tweety Bird fabric. Temperature checks are still conducted for all current clients daily, and there’s lots of hand washing and cleaning and social distancing to prevent the spread of germs.

Molly is meeting with her case manager Mimi to work on goals, wanting to find housing and learn about budgeting her money so she can stay in housing. She appreciates the help she’s received from the staff and volunteers during the pandemic. “I like it at Stephen Center,” Molly said. “The volunteers help me a lot, the food is good, and people are helping us with what we need.”

Stephen Center is able to provide food, shelter, safety and hope to Molly and her girls because of your donations. Thank you! If you would like to help other men, women, and children experiencing homelessness during the pandemic, like Molly and her girls, please donate here.


Stephen Center is committed to following best practice recommendations from the CDC, Metro Area Continuum of Care for the Homeless (MACCH) and HUD to protect the health of our clients, volunteers and staff.  Stephen Center continues to serve clients with increased screening measures including daily temperature checks, mandatory hand washing, mask-wearing by staff and clients, and the use of web technology for case management and group/individual therapy sessions. Our focus on overcoming homelessness, addiction and poverty will not waiver.

Donate Items

Stephen Center is in need of bottled water, protective gowns, safety goggles, twin-sheet sets, bath towels, individual-size cereal boxes/bowls, prepackaged plasticware setshand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Donations can be dropped off at our donation center, located at 2723 Q Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68107. Items can also be ordered and shipped directly from Stephen Center’s Amazon Smile Wishlist, found here:

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Your investment in the Stephen Center’s mission helps us care for the 250+ people who call Stephen Center home during this unprecedented pandemic. Any amount you can give makes a direct impact on our ability to continue safely serving the community right now. Please make your donation today.

Stephen Center staff demonstrate proper social distancing.